How EasyZip Works

Is this board familiar? What is it?

In case you saw this board outside your office or home or apartment and are wondering what it is or what you can do with it, trust us there is a lot



The 9 digits on the boards are linked to the address where this board is installed. The geo-coordinates are also stored and tagged to these 9 digits. You can share this location or call for help or simply share this particular address by sharing these 9 digits.

How does one find an address with these 9 digits (easyZip)?

  • Simply go to, enter the 9 digits and hit the search button. You will get the address that is mapped to the 9 digits that you just entered.
  • You could also open the EasyZip app (available on the play store and the app store) and search for the address using the 9 digits.
  • You could also try entering the 9 digits in the google search bar. Should you not find the desired results, then enter EasyZip, followed by the 9 digits.

How do I get a smart address for my house or office?

Very easy. Just download the EasyZip app (available on the play store and the app store) > sign up using your mobile number > click on create EasyZip > enter the details and submit the form. Your EasyZip id will be available under My EasyZip’. 

I have seen the board at my office / at my neighbour’s house. I want an EasyZip board.

No problem. Just send us an email or click the link to fill up the form and we will get back to you.

Note: Please follow the steps mentioned in the previous answer to get your EasyZip id first, before placing a request for your board.

I have an EasyZip board outside my house. How do I share my address using EasyZip?

The next time you need to share your address, just give the 9 digits mapped to your address. Alternately, you could open the EasyZip address from the EasyZip app, click on the share button and use any of the options.